About Us

Welcome to Smart Bees!

Smart Bees was brought to life by a team of education experts and developers who are passionate about improving education via technology. We focus on training tutors in the most innovative way and providing engaging study material. Our mission is to improve student performance through providing tutoring for those in need of better understanding on their limitations of certain subjects.

With no need to travel, increased flexibility and advances in technology, online tuition is now a realistic and increasingly common tuition choice.

Why Smart Bees?

Efficiency and flexibility – Class time, duration, topics and number of classes are all up to students and tutors, hence giving them a more flexible schedule with simplicity and independence. Online tutorials also mean no time and money will be wasted on travelling to classes.

Live interaction – By using an innovative online study platform, our classes maximise the interaction between tutors and students, regardless of class size. Students and teachers can easily share documents, do online tasks, share screens and even re-play the whole recorded classes.

Unique programmes – We are the only online education platform that dedicates to British curriculum (GCSE, A-Levels, IB, Foundation and many more). We also have certified courses provided by prestigious colleges and universities in the UK, allowing students to have the same study experiences just like they are studying abroad.

24/7 support – Tutors, students and parents are supported by a team of experienced technicians and educational experts in case of any issue during class time. We send parents month reports with detailed comments and recommendations for students to perform better.

How does it work?

Register as either a student or tutor.

Students – look for courses that you like or choose a tutor of the subjects you want to study. Choose the number of hours you want to study. A detailed instruction about how to use the platform and the class schedules will be sent to you via your registered email.

Tutors – build an outstanding profile to attract more students. A detailed instruction about how to use the platform and the class information will be sent to you via your registered email. Prepare classes as required.

Have fun studying!

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Our unique programmes, dedicated teachers, innovative technology, affordable fees and educational experts are helping thousands of students around the world in having a better education.

We will keep trying harder and harder everyday to ensure that education will become more enjoyable and efficient than ever before.

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