What is ClassIn application?


  1. Download app from on your laptop, tablets or smart phones. We strongly recommend you to download on all smart devices that you have.
  2. Once installed on your devices, sign in by using the number that you use for registration (Smart Bees will do the registration for you):
    • For first time log in, please click Forgot Password (Photo 1), then enter your registered phone number and click ‘Verification code’ (Photo 2). A code will be sent to your phone, enter that and set up your password (Photo 3).
    • For faster log in in the future, you can click ‘Remember password’ and ‘Auto Login’.
  3. Equipment detection:
    • For first time user, ClassIn will check the system to ensure your network environment as well as audio and video equipment work well before your classes start.
    • Click ‘Start test’ and follow the instructions.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

ClassIn Billboard

Personal centre: You can upload your profile photo, change password, change your password, gender, birthday, age, location and signature.

Chat box: You can find all conversations of classes that you attend. In the chat box of the class, you can find tasks and courses of the class.

Contact: You can find your friends, add new friends (through phone numbers).

Calendar: You can find your scheduled class (previous and coming), the details of the class and any other schedule you might have.

Cloud Disk: You can upload your own files or find files uploaded by teachers that you can get access to.

Notification center: You can find any news, updates, friend request or other notifications here.

Set up ClassIn: You can change the setting of the app on the setting button – the language of the app, general settings, file management, advanced settings and so on.

Further instruction videos on Youtube:

Basic tools:

Advanced tools:

For further support, please send us an email to or call us at +84 3995 57399 (Mr.Minh)