Student & Parents FAQs

What is Smart Bees?
Smart Bees is an online tutoring platform that connects parents and students with the right tutors from all over the world. We are the first tutoring platform that specialises on British curriculum, especially KS3, GCSE, A-Level, IB and Foundation. We provide a stress-free learning experience thanks to cutting-edge technology and experienced educational experts. All of our tutors are carefully hired to ensure the greatest benefits for students and parents.

What is support does Smart Bees offer?
Smart Bees prioritises the benefits and welfare of all students and parents, so that we want you to receive the best service available. We have a team of experts that will support parents and students about any queries, related to lesson quality, technical problems, extra support, etc.
You could send us an email to info@smart-bees.com or call us at +84 2466 554771.

How do I book and pay for my lessons?
Our process is stress-free and really easy for everyone, so anyone can just simply find a tutor after few clicks.
Once you’ve found the perfect tutor (after you sign up as a student), you can choose the number of hours you want to study (remember, the more you study, the cheaper it will be!), then click ‘Book Now’. You can choose more tutors as you wish. Once you are ready for payment, go to ‘Basket’ and you can find all the information about your choices. Once everything is good, click ‘Proceed to checkout’. After that, you fill in all the information in ‘Billing details’, choose the type of payment you want and click ‘Place order’.
It’s super easy! If you have any queries, please email us to info@smart-bees.com

How much is my class?
The fee for each class depends on the tutors you choose and the length of the class that you want to study. There is no hidden fee, so the hourly rate you see on the profile of the tutors is the actual payment you need to do per hour. Plus, we always have discount for students who decide to buy a great number of hours at the beginning.

How can I cancel a booking?
If unfortunately you cannot join a class that you have already booked, please email us at info@smart-bees.com and we will contact your tutor for you. Please notice that you can only cancel up to 24 hours before the class time, otherwise you will still be charged for the class. Please also write in the email the date and time when you want to reschedule your class, or whether you want to have a refund.

How can I submit my homework?
As commonly said, ‘practice makes perfect’. We are glad that you have done your homework! You can easily email your homework to info@smart-bees.com (please write your name and the Tutor ID of your tutor) or simply put it in the Library of the ClassIn app. Please find further instruction about ClassIn app here.

Where do the sessions take place?
All lessons are provided through the smart platform ClassIn. You can find further information about ClassIn here. In case of technical problem, we can review to delay the lessons to another day. If you shall want to have lessons in person, please send an email to us via info@smart-bees.com so that we can choose the right tutors that live near you.

Are my personal details safe?
All personal information of our students and parents are kept confidential, and only certain key staff at Smart Bees can get access to. We are not allowed to use or share your information with anyone.

Are my personal details safe?
All personal information of our students and parents are kept confidential, and only certain key staff at Smart Bees can get access to. We are not allowed to use or share your information with anyone.

How good are the tutors?
Smart Bees only work with experienced tutors about whom we are confident that they can provide the best learning experiences for our students. Every tutor has to go through an intensive 3-round application process, along with 2 trial classes before officially becoming a tutor of Smart Bees. We also do frequent check on all lessons so that we can keep track of all tutors’ teaching style and method.
In addition, we also complete background check for all of our tutors, ensuring the highest safety for all students. We also conduct training for all tutors monthly so that our tutors can be most updated about important teaching skills.

How can I cancel a lesson?
You can cancel any time up to 12 hours before the lesson start time at no charge, but any lessons cancelled within 12 hours of the start time will be charge at 50% of the total lesson fee after. We strongly recommend you to email us as soon as possible when you know you cannot attend the lesson on time.

Tutor FAQs

What is Smart Bees?
Smart Bees is the most recent tutoring platform that connects tutors and students from all over the world. We are also the first platform to specialise on British curriculum, especially KS3, GCSE, A-Level, Foundation and IB. We want to make it easier for all teachers to make extra cash on side, so that you can focus on the most important thing – teaching!
All you need to do is to set up your profile (and make it outstanding!), set up your available time and wait for booking. We make the whole process stress-free, and we have a team of technical experts, so you can easily teach online without being a computer guru!
Talk to us by sending us an email via info@smart-bees.com to know more about us.

Where do lessons take place?
All lessons are taken place online via our smart platform ClassIn. You can find more information about ClassIn here.
Some students might require the lessons to be taken place in person, in that case, we will contact you if there is a student in your area that needs the subject that you teach.

How do my students find me on Smart Bees?
Once you have created a tutor profile, you will be live on Smart Bees and any student can find you, either by simply looking at the Tutor page or filtering by subjects. We strongly recommend that you make your profile as outstanding as possible to attract more potential students. If for a long time you do not get any student, please email us at info@smart-bees.com so that we can recommend you with the best practice to attract more students.

I don’t have a formal teaching qualification, can I still work for Smart Bees?
Definitely! We have many tutors who have been tutoring since their Year 2 at university, so they understand deeply the needs and requirements from students. We emphasize the importance of teaching experiences rather than teaching qualification. Of course, it is good if you have a formal teaching qualification. Nevertheless, as long as you understand the knowledge thoroughly and have a passion for teaching, you are always welcome to join us!

Do I need a DBS check?
It is not compulsory for you to do a DBS check when you first sign up with us. However, we strongly recommend that you have got a background check and send us after you register, so that we will give you a Background checked status, which will attract more students and parents. After you register, we also conduct a thorough document checks for all tutors and we might request you to do your own DBS if necessary.

How do I create a profile?
It is super easy to start working with us as a tutor. After you register and create an account, go to ‘My account’ section to start creating your amazing profile at ‘Create my profile’. There are important places you need to fill in.
Name: You only need to put in your first name
Price per hour: The tuition fee you want to charge the student per hour.
Subject & Level: The subject (s) and the level (s) of each subject that you teach.
Subjects I teach: The detailed subject (s) and the level (s) of each subject that you teach.
Description: This is one of the most important parts of your profile, as this will help students and parents understand more about you and why you will be a great fit to the student. You should write this part carefully, in a professional but friendly way. There is no limit in the length of the profile, so please make it as catchy as you wish!
Tag line: Your tagline will appear under your name when students come across your profile in the ‘Tutors’ page, make it short and easy to understand.
Profile image: You should upload a good quality picture that clearly shows your face (you should look friendly and professional at the same time). Please upload a square picture to make it look the best.
Degree: Your degree and university that you graduated from.
Additional Qualifications: Any other qualification that you have and will support your profile.
After you have filled everything, please click ‘Submit’ and your profile will be live. You can edit your profile at anytime you wish.

What subjects can I tutor?
We offer a variety of subjects at different levels, so you can tutor any subject that you want. Please bear in mind that you can only tutor subjects that you specialise in and you have a decent teaching curriculum and knowledge to tutor. If students give negative feedback about your tutoring and request for a refund, we would have to refuse to pay you your tuition fee.

How do I get paid?
You will receive your payments for all lessons you teach once a month (on the 15th of every month) via the bank details that you give us on your profile.
For individual lessons, we will take 25% from your total tuition fee for the classes.
For course lessons, we will pay you the fixed rate that Smart Bees and you have agreed previously.

Can I receive cash directly from the students?
You are not allowed to receive any cash or bank transfer from the students and parents, all transaction needs to be made via Smart Bees. We also require you not to ask students for extra money if more than 1 student join the class.

What is your cancellation policy?
Unfortunately, sometimes, you might have an urgent situation and you have to cancel your lessons.
Any lessons that are cancelled after the start time or when the student never informs you that the lessons could not take place will be charged at full price. Tutors are required to wait for the students for at least 15 minutes and make an attempt to contact the student via phone call (and you need to take a proof of this) to receive 100% charge.
If you cancel the lessons by yourself within 12 hours of the lessons, you will be charged 10% of the lessons fee as a fine. You can cancel the lessons for free more than 12 hours before the class by emailing us via info@smart-bees.com.