Certified A-Level Chemistry

Certified A-Level Chemistry course (100 hrs)

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This tailored A-Level Chemistry course is provided by the famous Ashbourne College (UK). The course is specifically designed for students who are pursuing A-Level Chemistry (Edexcel) but cannot attend lessons at school. The course covers the main theoretic ideas important to the subject, a range of exercises and past papers to practise and extensive trainings on exam skills. Students are required to study 19 topics relating to inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. In very simplistic terms inorganic chemistry examines the characteristics of the elements, except carbon, and their compounds; organic chemistry explores the chemical reactions in living organisms and what can be derived from them, for example petrochemicals, shampoos, paper, drugs, synthetic fibres; and physical chemistry works at a molecular and atomic level and investigates how chemical reactions occur. Classes are held everyday as if the students are attending classes in reality.

Edexcel A-Level Chemistry: Please click for the detailed specification and paper structure

A Level Chemistry

AS Chemistry

Our course includes: 

✔️ Teaching curriculum that follows Edexcel A-Level Chemistry (theory, key formula, practical knowledge, special cases, exam skills)

✔️ Live online Class (timetable is set by Ashbourne College and will be frequently updated if there is any change)

✔️ Comprehensive and weekly assessments

✔️ Frequent reports to parents based on weekly assessments

✔️ Intensive mock exams (real past papers)

✔️ Uploaded images, files, videos and other academic sources for students to self-study

✔️ 24/7 technical support

✔️ Networking with other students studying Chemistry to share experiences and knowledge

Why study with us?

✔️ Highly qualified and experienced British teachers that can positively encourage students’ interest in studying – We are not only teachers, we are also friends with the students!

✔️ Professional technical and admin support for both students and parents

✔️ Tutoring support available upon request

✔️ Helpful tips and guides for successful exams

Ashbourne College:

Ashbourne College was founded in 1981 and remains one of the best private sixth form colleges in London. Ashbourne College offers high quality tuition coupled with an informal and friendly atmosphere allowing every student to feel happy, confident and able to reach their potential. Ashbourne’s three key strengths are exam success, individual attention and superb location. Ashbourne College has a strong exam results with 47% students achieving A*-A in 2019 and 54% of graduates went to Russell Group Universities.