English Conversation Training

English Conversation Training (60 hrs)



Smart Bees offer online or offline English Conversation Training courses for students at any English level. The course provides the required knowledge, practical skills and tips to successfully use English in everyday life and business. All of our teachers have years of experiences in training students regardless their language and background barrier. We set our mission to create an interesting study journey for our beloved students to achieve their academic goals with less stress!

The course focuses mainly on Speaking and Listening skills that are practically used in everyday life. The detailed curriculum depends on the current level of each student, purposes of study as well as the length of the course.

Our course includes: 

✔️ Teaching curriculum that follows the demand and purposes of the students.

✔️ Live online or offline tutoring (minimum 1hr/class).

✔️ Comprehensive and weekly assessments.

✔️ Frequent reports based on weekly assessments.

✔️ Daily mock tests and interviews (writing emails, presentation, reading articles,…).

✔️ Uploaded images, files, videos and other academic sources for students to self-study.

✔️ 24/7 technical support.

✔️ Networking with other students studying English to share experiences and knowledge.

Why study with us?

✔️ Flexible study time and class size (1-1 or small class) to maximise students’ benefits.

✔️ Flexible class hours (students and tutors agree on the length of the class).

✔️ Highly qualified and experienced tutors that can positively encourage students’ interest in studying – Our teachers are working in big cooperates at the same time, so they understand the unique requirements of English conservation.

✔️ Professional technical and admin support for both students and parents.

✔️ Helpful tips and guides for successful exams.

Our tutors:

Our team of professional tutors all graduated from highest ranking universities, mainly in the UK and the USA. Students can choose to study with Vietnamese teachers or Native teachers. Our tutors will work side by side with the students, covering everything from explaining homework and projects to preparing for any important events. With years of experiences in tutoring British and international students, our tutors are able to quickly spot and fill the gaps in knowledge and skills that students often have, as well as to greatly grow the interests in English for all students. Smart Bees always closely monitor all tutors and frequently conduct tutor trainings so that we can ensure the highest quality and safety for our students.