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I’m an experienced teacher with great teaching skills! 💎

£40.00 /hour

Additional Hours Discount Amount
10 - 20 Hours 5 %
20 - 30 Hours 10 %

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My name is Howard and I am from Cardiff, Wales. I am an experienced Physics teacher for students studying GCSE and A-level. Besides, I also teach Science for students studying at Primary, Secondary and GCSE levels. I have been teaching Physics for more than 7 years in different schools across Wales. I also tutor online part-time for students coming from different countries all around the world, mainly Asian countries. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a 2.1 degree in Physics. Before teaching professionally, I was working at different mechanical firms across Wales to expand my network and enrich my skills. I have a great passion in education as I believe through this I can encourage many more students, especially girls, to be more interested in STEM subjects and eventually pursue a career in this field in the future.
I am a passionate and fun teacher to study with. I teach subjects across all boards like CIE, AQA, OCR,…Students at any language ability are welcomed as well. Thank you!

Subjects I teach

Level: GCSE, A-Level

Level: Primary, Secondary, GCSE

My Qualifications

University: Manchester Metropolitan University
Subject: Physics

Message me to let me know what you would like me to tutor and if you have any other questions.