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Hi everyone! My name is Martin and I am teaching Computing for students studying Computing at A-Level. I graduated from UCL with a degree in Computer Science. Before working as a full-time teacher, I was working for different IT firms across the UK. I definitely love being a bit of a geek and developing many computing programmes. I am at the moment working as a Computing teacher at a college in Essex, England. Through teaching, I feel that I am encouraging many young students to work in this difficult field, especially girls. I believe that more girls should work in this field as this is the future of the world.
I find myself to be an interesting, creative and passionate teacher. I often give my students lots of exercises and homework to do, so that they can practice at home and improve their skills faster. My classes normally last up to 2 hours. I also think that small classes sizes or 1 – 1 classes so that I can focus all the attention on the students.
Thank you!

Subjects I teach

Level: A-Level

My Qualifications

University: UCL
Subject: Computer Science

Message me to let me know what you would like me to tutor and if you have any other questions.